The members of the Rotary Club of Ramallah have implemented and supported many projects in Palestine. Projects of which are very vital and necessary to help people and mostly children in need. The list of Projects is as follows:

1) Al Jalazoun-Kindergarden Project. Providing the Child Center at Al-Jalazone camp with PCs, books, toys, sports’ equipment, planting trees, and rehabilitating the existing playground.

2) Caritas- Bethlehem, Baby incubator. The project is aims at supplying a mobile incubator for the necessary treatments to new born children affected from particular and specific problems, as well as for transfers to other hospitals.

3) Beit Sahour, Kids entertainment Equipment for park and the Cafeteria Equipment to serve the people. Abandoned Israeli Military Camp turned to be a Peace Park in Beit Sahour. the project aims to provide the park with additional playground equipment.

4) Al-Libban Al-Gharbi School, Supporting Al-Libban Al-Gharbi boys School with all the needed equipment (computer lab, science lab, fax, LCD projectors, photocopiers..etc)

5) Birthing Center in Al-Aqaba Village, The project will provide an existing clinic in Al Aqaba Village with equipment and training to establish it as a birthing center.

6) Hearing Aid project, Supporting 25 needy kids in the WB with hearing aids.

7) Al-Amari Camp project, Providing the Palestinian Child Club at Al-Amari camp with PCs, sports’ equipment, planting trees, and rehabilitating the existing playground.

8) Ministry of Health Polio immunization Equipment, the Ramallah  Rotary Club has bought all the necessary precaution equipment to test the Palestinian areas with Polio Virus. Also equipped the labs with Air-conditioning to keep the samples taken from various areas cool for proper results.

9) Ministry of Health Polio Awareness Campaign, the Ramallah Rotary Club has designed and implemented a Media campaign all over Palestine about Polio and Immunization in the Health Ministry and its Medical Centers. People went with their kids and got their immunization, and it was a 100% successful Project.

Keeping in mind that the Ramallah Rotary Club is always on the search for new and helpful Projects.